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EverWeb 1.4 Final Candidate

User: Paul-RAGESW 6 years ago
Here is the Final Candidate version of 1.4 with a complete list of what's new. A Final Candidate means that unless there are any major issues, this will be the release version. If you discover any problems, please create a new thread and let us know.

EverWeb 1.4 Final Candidate

- Added first, next and previous options for linking under the hyperlink tab
- Websites work properly on iOS when using RSS widget
- New "Publishing Settings" option under File menus
- A new "Master Page" menu item under the File menu
- Fixed publishing problems with assets that have / or ' in their file names
- Can now delete multiple images from the image slider at once
- Pages preview properly without an internet connection
- Larger field for the HTML Snippets entry field
- Image gallery now has the option to show/hide the social buttons (twitter/facebook) in the slideshow
- Fixed crash with adding reflections to really large images
- Moving or renaming a project while it is opened in EverWeb won't cause issues when saving or publishing anymore
- Project is set to modified when using the positional fields in the metric inspector
- Fixed issue with colors for widgets changing slightly
- Fixed issue with colors in default styles changing slightly
- Fixed issue with default colors window not coming to the foreground when it is already opened and you access it from the menu
- If the crash reporter can't send an email it will ask if you want to use your email client
- Added delete button to the web page password list
- Fixed issue with just changing the case of letters in the page names
- Rotated text is properly converted to an image so it exports correctly
- Sliders in widgets now have an input field to enter an exact amount
- Contact form now works even if you include a ' in the thank you message field
- Fixed a crash when resizing objects to a very small width
- Fixed pages not being marked as changed when using some of the Inspector options
- Can now specify a sub directory when publishing to an FTP server
- Sorting project files by last modified or name
- The ability to disable secure publishing for users who cannot connect to secure transfers when publishing to an EverWeb Server
- Fixed some rare issues that can lead to project corruption (removing the entire name of a page)
- Automatically removes extra spaces in email address for the contact form to avoid issues
- Fixed issue with EverWeb not remembering the last publishing location
- Drag and droping assets drops them in a proper location on the design canvas
- Fixed text margin issues on retina mac's
- Fixed an issue with text being exported as an image when it shouldn't be
- Fixed crash when using Home and Page End keys on keyboard
- Fixed an issue where using a site name with a space and 404 not found pages would result in an Internal Server Error
- Fancy quotes are always converted to regular quotes in the Page Header/Footer sections
- Reflections now working when height of an image is greater than 512px

- Specify captions for images
- Captions are used as ALT text
- Image gallery is now centered
- Specify number of columns for the image gallery
- New vertical alignment option for images
- Specify how many images per page you want to see
- Faster/improved dragging and dropping of images
- Faster scaling of thumbnails
- New orientation mode
- Drag and drop multiple items, or delete multiple items from the Assets list
- Fixed issue with using spacing and frames not properly drawing the image frame
- Jpegs with image frames get exported as PNGs so transparency works properly
- Fixed drag and dropping of images within Image Gallery (faster)
- Option to show/hide social buttons in SlideShow
- You can now link to specific pages on an image gallery since they all have a unique URL
- Removed limit on size of images in Image Gallery
- You can now change the styling and the alignment of the Image Gallery pagination/navigation

- Add multiple images by dragging and dropping them in the Widget Settings
- Delete multiple images at once from the Widget Settings

- New Separator color option in drop down menus
- New show/hide separator line in drop down menus
- Fixed issue with mouse overs and drop down menus disappearing within EverWeb

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