Viewing Text Wrap & Copyright

Text Wrap & Copyright

User: Roddy 6 years ago
The EverWeb Widgetbox Basic Widget Pack has had two new widgets added.

I was holding off the release of the Text Wrap widget until EverWeb V 1.4 is released. I have had several emails from those who are keen to try it so here it is.

Although the widget works fine in EW V 1.3, the text entry box is much larger in V 1.4. Those who are running the latest beta will be able to take advantge of this.

The image can be floated left or right and can also be a hyperlink if required. Its percentage width can be adjusted in situ via a slider to obtain the best balance between image and text.

A more useful version which can also zoom the image will be released for EW V 1.4.

The other widget is one to automatically update the copyright info on web pages every year.

Thanks to Forum Contributor Steve for coming up with the idea!

Those who already have the Basic Widgets Pack should have received an email by now with the new widgets attached. Let me know if you didn't get it.


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.

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