Viewing EasyWeb Beta 6

EasyWeb Beta 6

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
A new beta version of EasyWeb is now available;

April 29 (1028)
- head/footer code fields no longer auto corrects spelling
- faster loading of web pages within EasyWeb
- improvements to how HTML widgets are drawn
- fixed a problem with changing font styles/colors changing other unintended properties
- fixed a problem with a crash when using the color chooser
- fixed a problem with exporting text and not having the correct styling
- better scrolling with mousewheel
- Publishing now works by publishing to server name instead of domain name
- preferences get saved properly now
- fixed a problem where you couldn't type into text objects
- show layout now shows the layout of the content area boundries
- fixed a crash on publishing when no shapes were added to a website (only widgets)
- enter key should work for the inspector window
- fixed a crash when deleting files from the assets list
- up/down arrows for page gradients and shape gradients
- gradients now update properly when typing in a number value
- rotating shapes with text that is vertically aligned set to middle or bottom now draw properly
- forgot password link added to sign in dialog
- publish button in toolbar now requires that you are logged into your account and will publish to the currently selected location

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