Viewing Where are my EverWeb files stored?

Where are my EverWeb files stored?

User: Lori S. 2 years ago
help! I recently reinstalled the system on my mac mini and now everweb doesn't recognise my website -

I have a back up file of the website containing the html pages, but realise now that I didn't make a backup of the .everweb project file in this hidden library file...

is there anyway to recreate my website from the files without the .everweb project file?
User: Paul-RAGESW 2 years ago
Hi Lori,

You will ned the .everweb file to open the site in EverWeb.

If you have the published site you can open it in your web browser and copy over most of the text and images into a new EverWeb project.

We can also help recreate your site from the published site. Please contact us for a quote.

EverWeb Developer

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