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Dynamic Layout

User: Roddy 7 years ago
I see that the dynamic layout is left aligned. This used to be fashionable for mobile sites which weren't expected to be viewable on computers - like jQuery Mobile. When I started into mobile design I soon found out it was better to center the content using margin: 0 auto and give the content a maximum width to stop the page spreading all over the place and looking ridiculous on desktops.

I can get an EasyWeb page to do this with a little post editing - adding margin: 0 auto to the div.container and removing the container divs of the other objects.

The first thing I see which creates a problem is the way in which EasyWeb inserts an image as the background of a div rather than the img tag. I had to delete the whole thing and use this...

alt tag

... to get a responsive image.

Obviously, absolute positioning of the containing divs is not going to fly in this kind of design.


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