Viewing Client area username ?

Client area username ?

User: Guest 8 years ago
Well I'll be ... I got in. :roll: There was a snafu in my email address for EasyWeb but not for my account log in.

I just published three pages and it went without a hitch. Like was mentioned above, after you log in enter your experimental site name below you account name (domain). Once you do that hit publish. This did not effect my existing site, although it did attach itself to the domain address:
www(dot)domain(dot)com/experiment EasyWeb site

Good Luck ...
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User: Paul-RAGESW 8 years ago
[quote="Roddy":1j85dwkv]I'll have to think of yet another appropriate domain name then - won't I?

No you don't have to do anything. We set your account up with a non existing domain name. Once we release the fix for you your site will be able to publish within EasyWeb.

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User: Roddy 8 years ago
OK, I see but I suppose I should think about having a domain name. I'll leave it for the time being as I really just wanted to try out publishing to the server.


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