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EasyWeb Beta 5

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
New beta of EasyWeb is available with a lot of bug fixes;

April 19 (1027)
- fixed preferences for alignment guides not saving properly
- proper undo for Titlecase, Uppercase and Lowercase
- if a website is already opened it would be opened in a new window when double clicking it in the project window
- resizing shows proper width/height in Tooltip
- for objects with constraint Proportions enabled, a flicker while resizing should be resolved
- fixed the default navbar padding issue (#73)
- exporting navbars on non-retina macs would export the spacing at twice the intended size
- editing text objects after publishing works again now
- improved drawing of text within shapes that use vertical alignment
- cancel button works when publishing website
- vertical scrollbars are visible on OS X 10.6 and earlier
- navbar properly resizes itself when changing settings (vertical, spacing, padding, etc...)
- fixed a crash when an image can't be added to the assets window (it can't be opened for some reason)
- dragging images when assets window is scrolled now works properly
- fixed crash on publishing with GIF images
- this version should resolve redraw issues after publishing a site and it looking blank
- pressing tab character in text object no longer causes crash
- fixed a bug that would cause a crash after duplicating an object
- preference to show link indicators or not
- sub menus now respect the "show in navigation bar" option
- head/footer code fields accept tabs now
- easyweb will preload mouse over and mousedown transitions automatically when your web page loads to provide a better experience for visitors without compromising webpage speed
- round rectangles now draw more smoothly

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