Viewing EverWeb 1.1 Final Candidate 1

EverWeb 1.1 Final Candidate 1

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
We have posted a new final candidate version for EverWeb (Version 1.1). Since this is a beta version, you cannot use the auto update feature in EverWeb.

You can have both versions installed on your computer and this will not overwrite any data on your site. Anything you do in this version can be used in the Final version.

If there aren't any issues reported with this beta version, it will be released as version 1.1.

EverWeb 1.1 FC1 Download

Changes since beta 4
- Footer code now works even when there is no head code entered
- Fixed crash when selecting publishing settings screen

Full Changes for version 1.1
- Can now lock objects (Arrange ->Lock/Unlock)
- Can now add emails when using addon domains
- Can now group objects (Arrange -> Group/Ungroup)
- Entering an external link will auto add http:// if it doesn't exist
- Text shadows work when you use opacity settings on text
- Can no longer use File-> Open to open any file. Can only open EverWeb projects
- New media browser on Mac OS X 10.9 and later. Should fix related crashes
- Fixed drawing issues in headers of Inspector sections
- Fixed how browser background images are displayed when top margin is great than 0
- Fixed rare crashes when logging into EverWeb account
- Fixed some objects being exported 1 pixel off alignment

Paul Levine
RAGE Software
EverWeb Developer

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User: pumpkin 7 years ago
I can't see the layout or any "markings" from Objects that I grouped. When locked, I see the black lock symbol, but there's nothing to show me grouped items, even when I use the command to show the layout. A bit confusing ;)

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