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Show Off Your EverWeb Site

User: johnorsue 10 years ago
My God ... you guys are terrific. I'm still working on mine. The old one is here

I'm getting there, but it's a slow process. I am finding it is so EASY to copy elements from one page to another. My site is so photo intensive, and that is what is slowing me down. Jeremy, is there a way to add a caption to the photos, as in iWeb, or must I add a text box to each one?

MacBook Pro / OSX Sierra 10.12.6
User: Julian Bromley 10 years ago

Let me know your thoughts on my site peeps, I'll be updating shortly and not sure whether to go from shadowbox to the new picture slider widget
User: jdm4given 10 years ago
User: Jeremy-RAGESW 10 years ago
Once again, I would like to thank for everyone for their submissions so far. We would really appreciate it if more submissions were made as we would really love to showcase the amazing websites that you have created.
User: Yelena 10 years ago

MacBook Pro OS X 10.10.3
IMac 21" OS X 10.10.3
User: Jeff D. 10 years ago

EverWeb is great! Thanks to everyone at EVerWeb & Rage Software for giving us iWeb'ophiles a worthy successor!
User: John D. 10 years ago
Quote: MacDavidson - 04/11/2013 16:53:43
Nice site Simon, I could do with some stress relief myself right now!

Heres my effort:

In fairness, during the recession EW saved my business by firstly giving hope and secondly the tools to build a site that evolved our business into the 21st Century. For that I am indebted. Thank you.

This isn't just for Mac, but your site and a couple of others here on this forum subject, do not render well in Firefox 25.0 --- no pictures on Mac's pages, blank white for some of the others. I did not check all of them in Safari, but with Mac's the pictures came up and the page looked complete. Some of the other sites I looked at seemed to render well too. What is going on with some rendering and others not, at least in Firefox, my current default browser?

Looking at the application to replace iWeb to re build our 3 sites. You may check them out at if you choose.

Thanks all!! I look forward to discussions with you.


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User: Toby 10 years ago

Portrait photographer in New Zealand.

User: Roddy 10 years ago
The EverWeb Codebox website is designed to showcase EverWeb rather than itself.

It was created to help EverWeb users take their sites to the next level by using the application's powerful code injection.

Quite a few of the projects are based on the test pages I created during the Beta testing phase of EverWeb.

For those who want to avoid using code, there are 12 widgets for inserting audio, video, images, html headings, smooth scrolling anchors, a smooth “Back to the Top” button and a widget for inserting iframes.

The navigation is the default EverWeb one - customized a little. It has been placed in a fixed header so that it remains visible at all times. Hopefully, this will make it easier to find stuff.


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.
User: Lars Kruse J. 10 years ago

Have a look at my webpage. It's a page in Danish and advertising something many people probably never heard about.

Best regards,

Lars Kruse
User: Theo K. 10 years ago
Here you go.
User: Eric L. 10 years ago
Hi there
I have successfully transferred and updated my original iWeb site to EverWeb. Very straight forward, nice and easy.
Probably only took a total of 6 hours.
Great to be able to have a built in gallery and SEO functions at last. Will save me loads of time and effort every time I want to add a new painting to the gallery. No more code tweaking! Lovely.

Look forward to a few obvious updates in the near future, like rulers, guides, favicons, but basics are there.

Website @

Thanks for this program.

User: Theo K. 10 years ago
Quote: Toby - 15/11/2013 23:58:57

Portrait photographer in New Zealand.

Hey Toby, I love your site, nice and clean.
One question, what font did you use? Did you use a Google font header code? I have been struggling with my website. Thanks.
User: james 10 years ago
I have four sites to transfer over from iWeb. They are all art related – the first two, the two very small easy ones, are done. Still too many issues for the other two at this point for mine own site/blog and the community art site.
– my wife's painting site was easy in that she pretty much dictated how it would work. Simple, clean, look good on her iPad and easy to drop/add paintings, announcements, etc:
– a little site for a local gallery both myself and my wife show our work in:
User: Gwyn B. 10 years ago
Here is my site. I've only been with Evernote for about a week now but have loved it. I am an Executive Director of a YMCA Camp so we run into a lot of branding guidelines that we have to follow. But here it is:

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