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EasyWeb Beta 3

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
We've posted a new beta which lets you publish your site online if you have a hosting account with us. Just enter your client area username and password and sign in (click the Site name in the top left corner).

You can even manage your email accounts and have EasyWeb auto set them up in for you.

To publish online click the throbbing blue Publish button, not the publishing button in the bottom toolbar as that will continue publishing to a folder for the time being.

April 9 (1024)
- lines wont draw wrong color when rotating
- canceling a new website will properly remove it from projects window
- fixed a few issues with updating hyperlink colors
- template style defaults for hyperlink colors
- template style default for border color (see for now Inspector->Metrics to change defaults. This is important if you want to create a theme and specify default styling options)
- tooltip showing x/y/w/h when moving or reszing shapes
- selecting image fill no longer shows finder window because you should be selecting from assets
- fill options for the oval now properly show when using a stroke style other than just the solid line
- changed circle to oval in inspector
- fixed a crash when opening a template file that may have an asset that was in use but was deleted
- custom widgets won't show "getting html preview" if width is too small
- google+ widget is proper height/width
- twitter follow widget is proper height/width
- New media browser (window->media browser)
- project window no longer appears when you cancel adding a new page
- optimized scrolling speed
- can now publish to EasyWeb servers if you have an account with us
- specify global header/footer code

EverWeb Developer ranks EverWeb as the top choice for Mac users wanting to build a website!
User: Roddy 7 years ago
Lots of good improvements!


NOTE: I am an EverWeb user and NOT affiliated with EverWeb! Any opinions expressed in this forum are my own.

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