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EasyWeb Beta 2

User: Paul-RAGESW 7 years ago
Beta 2 is available. We made some changes to publishing so if you see any issues with publishing, specifically link styling (fonts, colors, etc...) let us know.

- tooltips for inspector now dissapear correctly all the time
- images that are set to be masked with anything other than default or rectangle will be exported as PNGs instead of JPEGS. This does result in bigger images but is required to support image masks
- removed copy/paste style for now
- removed advanced gradient from the page background which didn't function anyways
- selecting image fill for browser, area or shape prompts you to select an image if none is selected. If you dont select one it goes back to the last selected row
- no longer get a warning when you move the a page within the same directory
- duplicating a page and editing a text object wont edit the text object on every page
- cancel button when creating a new site
- projects window is displayed when closing last designer window
- exporting site now shows progressbar
- content area background images export properly again
- remove white background color from content area background -> image fills
- PHP code in plugins properly replaces variables
- contact form properly assigns email address now
- option to hide/show phone number field for contact form
- text area controls in plugins will update plugin properties properly
- projects window will open up when last design window is closed
- can no longer open template by double clicking it in the left list
- font window wont show itself after it has been closed and you open a new site
- undo after changing content width will update the content width field properly now
- made some changes to how linkes CSS is outputted -> optimized it so it doesn't export the same CSS values more than once
- should fix links being split up into two separate links

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