When I changed my link colors, they don't appear changed when previewing

There are a few reasons why you may see the wrong colors for links after publishing your site;

1. You are seeing the visited link color

EverWeb gives you the option to set the Visited color of a link. This means if you have ever visited the page that you are linking to in your web browser, the link will use this color instead of the 'Normal' link color. To see the Normal link color again you can delete your browser history.

Please note that only people who have visited the page you are linking to will see the Visited link color. Everyone else will see the Normal link color (until the click the link to visit the page)

2. Your browser has cached the older link color

EverWeb websites use a sophisticated technique to make sure your website loads quickly by caching styling information in your browser. Sometimes when making changes to your site, you will see the cached styling instead of the new styling. To fix this, you can empty the cache in your web browser. Sometimes quitting and restarting your browser can help as well.

3. Change the link color by clicking within the link

If your link color is still not being applied follow this technique;

a. In EverWeb, place the blinking text cursor within the linked text instead of highlighting it
b. Now adjust the link color under the Hyperlink tab
c. Click outside of the Text Object so it is no longer editable

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