Does EverWeb support Retina or High Resolution images?


Most mobile devices, including iOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as some computers (such as the MacBook Pro Retina) support high resolution images.

A high resolution (or retina) image has double the pixels as a normal image but is the same width and height.

This means that images can be made to look much sharper on these devices. EverWeb makes it very easy to support retina or high resolution devices.

Any built in image in EverWeb will automatically be converted to a retina graphic for you. So if you made a button or use a gradient for example, EverWeb will make sure these look great on high resolution devices for you with no extra steps on your part.

You only have to worry about images you add to your website. In order to make sure your website uses retina images you must do the following;

1) You will need two images for each image you add to EverWeb. One at normal size and one at double size. Note: Don't just resize your normal size image to be twice as big. This defeats the purpose of adding retina graphics to your site.

2) Your image that is double the size needs to be named;


Where normal_image is the same as your normal size image and png is the same file extension as your normal image. The only difference is that before the file extension you add @2x to your retina image.


NORMAL IMAGE: traveling.png
RETINA IMAGE: traveling.jpg@2x.png

NORMAL IMAGE: myphoto.jpg
RETINA IMAGE: myphoto@2x.jpg

3) Then just drag both images onto EverWeb's Assets list. When you use either image on your site, EverWeb will output both the normal and retina versions when your website is published. It does this using highly optimized CSS code so only the proper image for your visitor's display is downloaded by their web browser.

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