What are the differences between the Standalone version and the EverWeb + Hosting version?

In order to provide some really great features EverWeb can be purchased with Hosting included. This means you get EverWeb, web hosting and email for one low price.

With this option you have everything you need to build your website and get it online. You can be assured that everything will just work without any technical set up or configuration.

The EverWeb + Hosting version also lets you get your website online without any third party software or having to set up any technical details such as FTP information. You get all updates and support for free as well. The following features will only work with the EverWeb + Hosting version;

1) Password protection
2) 404 Not Found Page redirects
3) 301 redirects which let you redirect each page on your old website to your new EverWeb site

The Standalone version has a non-mandatory $49.95 upgrade fee if you would like to continue to get updates and support. Your current license will never expire and can be used indefinitely.

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