Viewing Copy pages from one site to another.

Copy pages from one site to another.

User: Carl M. 3 months ago
I have two websites. Both build with Everweb.

I like to copy a complete page from one Everweb site to another Everweb site.
Not just "Cut and Paste" but all of it, images, html, layout etc. etc.

Just like in the old days with the drag option in iWeb.


Carl Mollee
User: Roddy 3 months ago
iWeb allowed you to create two or more sites on one domain file and drag pages around. It was arrnaged this way mainly for publishing to MobileMe so that more than one site could be published to a single account. This was done to overcome the limitations of the software and publishing method rather than because it was a good idea!

You can do this with EverWeb by creating a main site and one or more sub sites in directories . The only sensible reason for doing this is to have them available through the same domain name.


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User: Menno H. 3 months ago
I try to do the same, copy or merge pages from one Everweb project into another Everweb project. This to prevent having to rebuild a site ( that started as an experiment), So like Roddy says, the sensible reason for it is to make two projects available on one domainname as a subpage, exactly what I am trying to achieve :)

Gtz to all Everweb users

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